We Put the Power of Data In Your Hands

In nearly every industry, a few mega-companies are driving out small- and mid-cap competitors and coming to monopolize their markets. How? By leveraging the incontestable advantage that comes from knowing more about their customers, employees, operations, and opportunities.

On the battlefield of commerce, knowledge is power - and those few companies that can afford world-class Data Scientists and experts in Big Data Analysis, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence have an increasingly unfair advantage.

Applied AI is here to help level the playing field. Our fully customized solutions help you:


Predict Behaviors | Forecast Trends | Improve Efficiencies
Customize Offerings | Increase Engagement | Identify Patterns
Detect Threats | Anticipate Needs | Discover Opportunities
Make More Informed Decisions


Our platform incorporates over 100 modules that can be combined into over a centillion unique combinations.

User-friendly, low-cost SaaS solutions are tailored to help you realize your opportunities and profit from your challenges.